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DANCE THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE with Caraïbes Art Danse : preparation for the Wedding Dance

A marriage or a union would be nothing without the wedding dance.

You know nothing about dance but you want to dazzle your guests for the biggest day of your life? You have dance concepts or are advanced dancers and want an original choreography ? Our team is here to help you. We will listen and guide you to offer a dance that suits you.


Our package  « Wedding Art’Dance », it is :

  • An interview to identify your expectations
  • Assistance in the choice of music with musical adaptation in option
  • The creation of a choreography adapted to your wishes and your universe
  • Trainings and preparation with one of our teachers or professional dancers
  • Providing a choreographic draft to work at your own pace


Want to dance at your bachelorette party ? Want to build a choreography between girls to perform at the wedding day ? Our team will help you have a good time.


Our package « Bachelorette Art’Dance», it is:

  • Animation during your bachelorette party
  • The creation of a choreography adapted to your wishes and your universe
  • Learning a choreography to perform at the wedding day
  • Providing a choreographic draft to work at your own pace


During your wedding party or your corporate event, you can also call us for a show, a salsa demo or another latin dance as well as a capoeira demo.


We also offer you the possibility to animate your wedding party, your corporate event, other parties and birthdays thanks to DJ Frantz.

Bathed from the earliest age by the Afro-Caribbean rhythms, musician and percussionist trained with Kassav percussionist (Patrick Saint Elie), DJ Frantz is the DJ of the regular parties organised by Caraïbes Art Danse (SalsaMiXArt’Danse, Salsa Métis). Mixing Latin music, DJ Frantz also plays during birthdays, generalist parties or Brazilian celebration of Capoeira Batizados.

Invited to mix during the big salsa event TEMPO LATINO in July 2014, DJ Frantz was also mixing several times in the emblematic BARRIO LATINO in Paris.

For more information DJ Frantz : +33 6 67 17 60 60



Salsa teacher , dancer, DJ

Frantz began as a fitness instructor for 10 years in French Guyana then in France before teaching salsa and capoeira. Formed at the Feeling Dance Factory, Frantz totalizes more than 10 years of experience in latin and urban dances.


Salsa teacher, dancer

Sabine fell in love with dance through ballet and modern jazz that she practiced for 13 years and 9 years. She discovered salsa in 2007 and took courses, workshops and festivals in France and Europe. After following a salsa teacher training with Leroy Tinan, Denis Blanchard from the Feeling Dance Factory, Sabine teaches now Cuban and Mambo salsa.


Salsa teacher, dancer

Since always, Michèle has been passionate for dance. She began dancing 20 years ago with ballet and modern jazz. In 2003, she has a crush on salsa. For 10 years, she was partner in Cuban salsa courses. In 2007 she discovered Cuba, its people and its dancers. She followed the course of Simona Materazzi and trained with Claudine Giral in Montpellier in dance therapy.