Caraïbes Art Danse: Capoeira

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that takes its essence in culture, methods of combat and the dances of African slaves deported to Brazil in the 16th century. It differs from other martial arts by its playful, acrobatic and strategic side. During the battle, also called game, we mainly use legs to attack although other parts of the body can be used such as the hands, head, knees and elbows. Players’ can take a position on their hands to do kicks or acrobatics. The games are accompanied by instruments and songs in Brazilian.

Capoeira is a very complete sport combining strength, flexibility, balance and musicality. Since 2010, Caraïbes Art Danse offers in Pantin, adults and children (from 4 years) capoeira classes in a friendly atmosphere.

Capoeira à Pantin et Montreuil

Caraïbes Art Danse: Salsa

Salsa à Pantin et Montreuil

Salsa is a Spanish word used to designate the “sauce” but it is also a musical genre and a dance with Cuban and Puerto-Rican roots. Indeed, the Salsa is a couple dance built on basic steps and mixed with dance improvisation (from which the term “sauce” or “salsa”). We can also dance Salsa alone or more, in lines or in couples.

There are different types of Salsa: Cuban Salsa, Puerto-Rican and Colombian. Similarly, the Puerto-Rican Salsa comes in several styles as we dance on the first or second musical time: style On1 (or Los Angeles Style), style On2 Palladium and style On2 New York.

Today world-famous, Salsa has really taken off in the years 60-70 especially in New York where musicians from Puerto-Rico settled in the slums of this city.

Since 2013, Caraïbes Art Danse offers in Pantin Cuban and Mambo Salsa classes from beginner to advanced level, in a friendly atmosphere. In 2015, we also open a class of Cuban and Mambo Salsa in Montreuil.